Friday, January 30, 2009

Little sprouts

I did it! I grew something from seeds! My herb garden has sprouted -- all of the plants. They are tiny -- the last one to sprout is nearly invisible to the naked eye.


The oregano needs a close-up to be able to see it at all. It's kind of in the dark spot, one tiny little green dot:


By the way, on an unrelated note, when playing 20 Questions, "oregano" is a word that really makes the other person mad. I guess it's too random.


I started my quilting class Thursday and I think I'm really going to enjoy this. We learned to use our rotary cutters and the importance of preciseness. We will be making pot holders first, then move on to a few place mats and finally a table runner. Here is a pile of fabric for my place mats. I'll be making kitty mats for my cats' dishes. They are piggies when they eat.


I really like the cat fabrics, but I really couldn't figure a reason to use them. This will work out nicely.


I have another garment on my to-do list. It's McCall's 5803, the ruffled sleeveless top. I had already fallen in love with this daisy/Eiffel tower fabric, so I decided that's what I would use. Now I just need some time to sew.



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