Wednesday, September 5, 2007

San Diego: the beautiful city we always flee

We just got back from San Diego, where Mark's little brother lives and got married on Labor Day.

Funny thing about this city is that despite its beauty, we always seem to try to get out of there early. I can't figure out why, because we like it there. It was the last Cali stop of our honeymoon, and once we drove there from Palm Desert, we just decided a few hours later we were sick of traveling and wanted to go home. So we did.

This time, we wished we could leave right after the wedding instead of the next day.

It was sweltering hot -- an unusual 100 degrees in San Diego, so factor in the humidity and you could say the whale and otter water at Sea World was looking mighty refreshing. My favorite part of Sea World has nothing to do with water -- it's the show called Pets Rule. It's the cutest and funniest show, with little rescued cats and dogs joining with pigs, ducks and more to run around and do funny things. For instance, a cat will run out of a hole in the set, run into another, and then a dog will pop out and set off a new chain reaction. I like the part where a dog runs up to the "hot dog stand" and turns a crank. A door pops open and out runs a bunch of wiener dogs.
Here is a version I found on YouTube. It's hard to see and nothing like real life, but you get the picture:

It was miserably hot, though, and I got burned and dehydrated.

The first night, we went to see Mark's brother, Lance, in a play. He does theater for a living (and sometimes works at Sea World as a performer.) He works at Lamb's Theater on Coronado Island (er - it's a peninsula, contrary to what people call it, as we were told by a man when we asked directions. Thank you, kind sir, for the geography lessons, but we didn't name it that and we only wanted to know how to get there.) The play, "Susan and God," was really good. I mean, it was really, really good. I enjoyed it so much and it was very well done.

I kind of backed up there, but back to Sea World day: that night we went to have dinner nearby. We walked a ways along the water to a restaurant. It was packed; just the line to put your name in was 10 minutes long. Then it's a 30 minute wait for a table, but Mark wanted a patio table, so that was an hour. Now, what does patio mean to you? To us, it means outside. To them, it means encased in glass. So the actual outside area is called "outside." We failed to learn their special lingo, so when we were seated an hour later, we were in a stuffy, closed-in room. This really pissed Mark off. They did find us a better seat in that area, one that overlooked the water and had some air circulation.
Next on the list of annoyances was a lack of forks. When we finally got our food, we had nothing to eat it with for some time because they were so busy they ran out of forks. Mark's meal was good, but I had fish and it was bland. I felt sad because I had two fish dinners out there and expected to be wowed by the freshness and flavor, and both were awful. In the end, she took mine off the bill. But as we were wrapping things up, and we were one of 2 tables left in the area because it was so late, a gigantic rat when racing around the room. The other table had a shit fit, and Mark was grossed out a little, but me, I didn't seem to care. I know I should care, but I didn't. It was a patio, right on the water and has food. I suppose it's possible for vermin to sneak in from time to time.

Finally, Monday rolls around and we go to the wedding. It was a beautiful place -- held at the El Cortez -- and had a hosted bar. If you're from N.M., you'll see this as a beautiful thing. Cash bar weddings are pretty normal here. Since the bride and groom are both actors, and the people doing the readings were actors, it was pretty entertaining. It was sentimental, but also had us rolling on the floor and applauding quite a bit. Have you seen "The Princess Bride?" Well, the first thing the pastor said when the wedding started was, "Mawwage..." which cracked up the whole house for a long while.

Well, now we're home, and -- lucky me -- I have orders to work on! Toodles

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