Friday, September 7, 2007

My name is Robyn, and I'm a bagelholic

Today marks 7 days free of bagels. Let me explain: Every morning for 5.5 years I have had for breakfast a bagel with cream cheese and a coke. Before that, I lived in Bakersfield for a year and a half, and there was nowhere to get bagels except the grocery store, which is unacceptable. Before that, I ate a bagel every day for years.

I've lived in denial for some time that my breakfast habit could be making me put on a little weight. Every time there's a story about portion sizes, there's a big thing about how today's bagels are twice as big as a serving should be. I always thought they were jussssst right, but add some cream cheese and a soda, and maybe this isn't the most health conscious meal.

Problem number two is that I have heard they have a bad effect on blood sugar. Here's a blurb from USA "They're high in carbs and have a high glycemic index, meaning that they cause spikes in blood sugar that add weight, produce hunger and aggravate diabetes. Half a plain bagel increases blood sugar as much as a 2-ounce Snickers bar."

OK, OK. So I gave up the bagels. I'm having oatmeal or other hot cereal for breakfast, and a glass of milk. This is also good for small-boned me, who at age 31 started showing signs of weak bones.

But, body, I'll tell you one thing. I expect my butt to get much smaller very soon.

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