Friday, September 28, 2007

Invitation to spaghetti and roaches

I've written posts about cockroaches in the past, but I believe they have now stooped to a new low.

Despite our sudden infestation earlier this summer, we haven't seen any for a long while. Tonight, we had another couple over to dinner. (That's a married human couple, not a couple of roaches.) I made spaghetti. It was sort of hot in the house, but not quite air-conditioner hot, so I opened one of the windows behind the sink. I never open that window. It does have a screen, mind you.

Fast forward a few hours and we're eating dinner at the table when I notice in my peripheral vision a roach scurrying up the wall right next to us. As I sic Mark on it, we notice three others in the same area. It was horrifying. Wait, just in case you don't fully understand: IT WAS HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have lived for 33 years and never once, not one single time has there been 4 roaches running around the wall next to the table while I was eating.
I have also only had people over to dinner a couple of times in my life.
So tell me WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Why, why God???!!!?

It was so embarrassing, but our friends were so nice about it. To make us feel better they shared all their horrible infestation problems with us, including a tale about a child of the earth, which was truly more horrible.

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MandyK said...

Hey Robyn, your messages totally crack me up - you sound like someone I would have as a friend ... regarding the hassle of maintaining your etsy website, have you thought of outsourcing that part of the business? I'm just reading a book called The 4 Hour Work Week (I'm dying to quit my job and start my own business), and it talks about outsourcing ...