Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Web site would be perfect for my dad

Do you ever type in Web addresses just to see if someone actually has a Web site called "(fill in the blank"? Well, I just typed in and lo and behold, it sorta exists. It seems to be one of those advertising things, but apparently I'm not the only one with this great idea because the hit counter says 185,840 visitors.

By the way, Dad, I would like to know if you made up the following or where they came from, if not (the chicken butt thing reminded me; you'll see why later). Because I walk around singing/saying things that get strange looks from people and I always forget because they just seem normal to me. You know, because you taught them to me growing up. Yeah, you. The guy who painted pictures of chopped off hands with rats chewing on them.

OK, here they are:

Wienerschnitzel, Wienerschnitzel, dis must be de place. Just come right in and stuff a great big hot dog in your face!


Chicken squat behind a pot get it while it's hot


Mama's lil babies love shortnin' shortnin, mama's little babies love shortnin' bread. Two lil babies lying in bed, one is sick and the other's half dead.
(it's the last part of the song I'm wondering about)

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dad who's not nuts after all said...


where someone wrote:
The jingle I recall goes like this:

"Der Weinerschnitzel, Weinerschnitzel this must be the place, just drive right in and stuff a great big hot dog in your face!"

and a search turns up

"you know what? chicken squat! put it on bread and eat it hot!" - my grandma

Then for the complete lyrics of the song see: