Monday, April 16, 2007

Freecycle: Something cool and weird

Have you ever heard of Freecycle? There are lots of localized branches and it's a place online where you either post what you want, or post what you want to get rid of. You can only give it away or take it for free. No bartering or exchange of money. It's kind of cool, but I have to wonder what some people are thinking.

Here is one I came across that was posted April 7:

"A half can of Country Choice multi grain hot cereal (expires late this month).
Himself doesn't like it, but it's fine.
A couple of small tubs of what Himself calls "granola dust" and doesn't eat.
Nothing wrong with it (and it's not actually dust, either, just not huge

I won't even go into her Gollum-talk. But then I wanted to see it again because I thought it was funny, and when I searched for granola, I got this post by the same person from last year (July 8, 2006), so clearly this is not fresh granola crumbs:

"A quart or so of cranberry-orange crunch granola. Himself has decided he only
likes the big chunks of granola, so when it gets down to what he would call dust
(I promise you, this isn't dust--more like regular cereal size), he wants to
throw it out. I rescued it before he got to it, in case anyone would like it."

Now, I live with a packrat, so I am aware that some people have a hard time throwing things away, but how long are you going to try to force your crappy, ancient granola dust on poor innocent strangers? I suppose if you're the type to scour the Web for free granola crumbs and then waste the gas to drive across town for it (or more like ride your bike, you hippie weirdo), then maybe you deserve it. And hopefully Gollum-lady won't steal your jewelry.

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