Thursday, April 5, 2007

Making it official

I'm taking the steps to make Burst of Happiness an official business. I have applied for a state tax ID, which I need to do the arts and crafts show this summer. Then I'm going to go for the city license and whatever else. I'm actually really confused about all the things I need to do, which really irritates me because I'm taking a small business class online through SFCC and I am not learning anything. I have tried asking my instructor on the posting boards but have not received an answer.
For instance, I don't get what a CRS number is. You'd think you could Google it and get an answer, but I have and I still can't figure out if it's the same or different from a state tax ID number. I emailed the Small Business Association in the area about setting up an appointment, but they have not responded. I also emailed the city about the steps I need to take. They have an email listed on their Web site for these types of inquiries, but apparently everyone just sets up emails that they don't ever read or respond to. This happens a lot in my life.
I guess after I get my tax ID response, I'll physically go to the city building and talk to someone.
Still it's exciting to be taking these steps and see where this whole thing takes me.

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