Monday, April 30, 2007

There ARE blogs more boring than mine

Sometimes when you have time to kill, it's fun to keep hitting "next blog" at the top of the page and see what randomly comes up. WAIT -- don't do it yet. Finish reading my post about boring posts. Oh, and be careful at work. I got one that said it was about the life of male prostitutes and while I was reading the fascinating title, I failed to notice that the guy in the large photo had his pants unzipped and his privates hanging out. And there were people behind my desk talking. And I didn't notice for possibly 45 seconds because I was reading.

I know I often have fairly boring blog items. Sometimes, like in the previous post, I realize I've been away and just want to catch people up on what I've been doing. But, dammit, I don't post things like, "I brushed my teeth for 2 minutes today. Usually I brush them for 1 min. 45 sec."

Here are a few that nearly put me to sleep (please, God, don't let these people see this post. I'd feel really awful):
Stock babbling.

News about Iowa.

Obsessed with procrastination. Lady drones on about the amount of homework she does or doesn't have. She appears to think people in her life need to know that she's not sure what time to meet her study partner and she really wishes she could find out -- oh and by the way, she took a nap yesterday. If you don't have anything to say, feel free to just post every few days.

Here's an excerpt from one that will make a copy editor cry:
"today school was okkay. was rather highh after exams. hahas. still remembered yeaterday i called jiaqi and asked her what she doing then she said something yet i heard that she was watching DABIAN : haahhs. then we laughed like mad in the phone just because of the dabian thing.. then last night had terrible headache. grrrr. cannot taharn sehs. lols. then yeas, sad thing :/ my stooopid message go bao. hahahs. actually bao very long liaos. ahhahahs. i just wanna crapp... today cst do maths with jingwen and mr ng. then at the end of CST he told both jingwen and me that our algebra very weak, needa brush up T.T yupps. thats end of today~"

She is 14. These are the future leaders of America.


Amy said...

This blog isn't boring at all! I do wish your dad would post more comments, though.

Robyn said...

Hear that T-shirt Face? More comments, please.