Thursday, October 29, 2009

The project that traveled 'round the world

I wrote recently about a project that is special to me. It's a piece of partially finished embroidery sent to me from South Africa to complete. I have finished it, and made it into a little pillow.


I finished the embroidery ...


And found a perfect fabric with birds and leaves and lots of colors to accompany it.


I just measured and pieced it as I went, mixed in some solid brown and added blue piping for fun.


I probably could have done a more even job stuffing it, but it'll work. For the back I wanted to add a little interest, so I used scraps of the bird fabric and pieced it with the brown. I like how it came out.



Marissa said...

I like how it came out, too! I especially like the meaning and sentimentality behind it. Very nice! said...

that piece turned out soooooooooo cool. You did a great job. I can't believe how incredibly perfect the leaf fabric is with it too :)

mommycakes said...

I think the way you framed it, with the dark brown, made the colors in the needlework even more vibrant and whimsical. Great job all around. I think I know where it would look perfect in my house.