Friday, August 28, 2009

What? You want to see the inside of my kitchen cupboards?

Don't you love Bed, Bath and Beyond? I could spend hours wandering through the organizing products, daydreaming about nicer, neater cabinets and closets.

I recently had to do a health assessment for my insurance company and was rewarded with a gift card to a store of my choice. I'll give you one guess what my choice was.

I've recently begun washing out/cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. As I go, I've been separating out tons of stuff I don't use or need. It feels great to not have everything stuffed into the cabinets.

Here's the worst cabinet I had:


And here's the cabinet with my baking stuff:


Every time I needed, say, a cookie sheet, I had to take a bunch of stuff out to get to it. I wanted them to stand upward, so I bought a little rack at Lowe's for about $12. It just sets in the cabinet, no installation. I moved these items from the baking cabinet to the first cabinet I showed you:


Then I filled the baking cabinet with other stuff. I even have space left over. I got rid of a big fajita grill -- you know, one of those things you get for Christmas and then use twice in five years. It took up so much space. If any Duke City people reading this want it, let me know soon. It's pretty cute, and has a tortilla warmer.


The top shelf still looks a little jumbled, but it's really not bad. Just my cake/pie pans and casserole dishes.

I don't have a before picture of this cabinet, but it is so very much nicer now. I had way too many mixing bowls, so I got rid of some old plastic ones in favor of my nice, metal Pampered Chef bowls with lids and the brown bowls that match our dinnerware. This cabinet also was stacked full of stuff. I took out the coffee maker that I haven't used since 2002. Why was I letting it take up space like that?


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