Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sometimes you've just gotta know when to quit

I have come to the conclusion that it's time to give up on a few projects. I could just secretly throw them out and let you think that I'm a good sewer, but I am open to exposing my flaws publicly.

Simplicity 2927

This version was supposed to be a mock-up, using fabric I got for 50 cents. I started to think that maybe it would actually turn out to be a cute top. I actually dragged this out for weeks. I hated working on it. I started to think that I would not even try to make this pattern out of the "real" fabric I had bought for it, even if the gray top did come out nice.


It didn't.

Problem #1: cheap fabric.
Problem #2: really bad thread. Not proper sewing machine thread. I got it in a big grab bag at the thrift store. I could tell that this spool should be tossed because the quality was just awful, but I needed gray thread that day, so I used it anyway. It was coarse and broke a lot. It caught in the machine and wouldn't feed well.

thrift store

Problem #3: I cut two right-hand pockets and then had no more fabric to fix it with, so I couldn't use them.


Problem #4: I struggled to make the rounded front collar. It came out uneven and wonky.

But I'm still on board here, you know?

Problem #5: Horrible, horrible job putting in the lapped zipper. I have never been good at zippers, and especially lapped zippers. Here you can see the stitching is uneven, and then of course I ended up with a large pucker at the bottom.

sewing room,sewing

At this point I decided to forget the whole thing. I'm just not willing to take out the zipper and do it over. I want to put this project behind me.

Serger cover

I was going to make a serger cover with some stash fabric and McCalls 2723. I hate this pattern, too. It's a pattern I've had for ages and once made my sewing machine cover from. I realized after this one took a turn for the worse that I had modified the sewing machine cover, for good reason.

This project requires you to sew the lining, batting and outer fabric together, with wrong sides together. Of course, this leaves a big, ugly seam that you then have to wrap with bias tape and sew. Only it's thick and awful and I couldn't sew it straight to save my life. It's also, like, 2 feet tall, enough for two sergers stacked on top of each other. I don't get it.

I left it sitting around for a while trying to decide if I was willing to unstitch the whole thing and then resew it, but with with right sides together around the bottom and turn through a hole in the lining. I decided that I'd rather toss it.

My craftmanship is so embarrassing that I will not allow you to see it. I have photographed it from many feet away, to spare you the horror.

serger cover

That's it, on the floor over there. Squint hard.

I can do some good things

I'm embroidering some cutesy-poo things that I won't photograph quite yet. It will give you something exciting to look forward to in your life.


Marissa said...

Forget the blob at the end of the hallway- you've got THE BEST wall color. EVER.

Robyn said...

Thanks, Marissa. We painted the whole house last fall. Never want to do that again!

heather said...

hey! thanks for the comment the other day I hav ebeen down lately and I KNWO I will come out of it but lately it has been major dump- or-ama. But I think FQ vintage sheet would work!