Thursday, August 20, 2009

Presents are arriving at a mailbox near (five of) you

Hey, y'all! Remember this post about presents?

Well, you can count on me. I have sent three of them out already. The final two are for Elaine and Amy, and both of you I know in real life. You'll have to be patient, but I'll get them to you soon enough.

The first one went to Olga. I hand-embroidered four napkins with sillies. I don't know what else to call these characters. They are from the Julie West transfer pattern on Sublime Stitching.

I wanted to wait for her to get them before I posted pictures, and I'll do the same for the rest of them. The other two just went out yesterday, so no pictures yet.

Keep in mind that these are among my first embroidery projects.

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I recently embroidered a handbag that I'm making, and I'm really excited to show you. I just need some sewing time.


Kris said...

Oh man! These are great! I want to start doing embroidery. Do you like the Sublime Stitchery book? I've been thinking of buying one.

Robyn said...

I do like the book, though by the time I got it I had already learned the basics from other places. It has lots of transfer patterns, but not the super cute/funky ones available on her site. It's worth the price, in my opinion.

moongipsies said...

I also like the Sublime Stitching book. Have you seen UrbanThreads ? They are fabulous.

I think you did a super job... and I am all excited and quivery over the idea that I might get a gift too !!!

thank you Robyn... you're the best.

Kerry said...

My purse arrived today - it's lovely! I do not own a single bag/purse that is not either a backpack or a messenger bag...I can't wait to use this next weekend when I am on will be nice not to look like a dirty bike messenger/wannabe urban hipster...YAY!
Thank you so much for this, it really is lovely and it is neat to see upclose how hand made bags come out (I haven't tried sewing anything like this yet)