Friday, August 14, 2009

Some things you can never escape

When I was a kid, I liked cows. So people gave me cow paraphernalia all the time. As I got older, my fondness for cows waned. I mean, real cows are alright, but I don't want cow stuff all over my house. It took years before people stopped giving me cow-related junk.

A few years ago, my mom wanted to open a cupcake bakery. And ever since, the poor woman is inundated with cupcake this and cupcake that. I was going to embroider a cupcake kitchen towel for her, but she was like, "enough with the cupcakes!" and then she chose regular cake instead. (??!?)


I had trouble photographing it because without the flash it's hard to see, but with the flash it's so washed out you can't see it at all. And, uh, nice trash to the right there, huh? Oops. I forgot to crop that out. But, we're family, right? You don't care about my trash. I don't have to impress you.

She also wanted a towel with hearts, but so far my satin stitched hearts are pretty awful and uneven.


Gillian said...

Oh I have that problem. With frogs though, not cows.

nima said... is so pretty