Thursday, April 9, 2009

I never noticed how much eucalyptus is in my house

I have a husband who likes to throw everything. Why carry it up or down the stairs, or hand it to somebody, when you can toss it? I often find little surprises like Gatorade bottles under the kitchen table and so forth as they get thrown down from upstairs and then bounce around.

On the landing of the stairs yesterday, I found this. Underwear decorating my vase of eucalyptus. Who knows how long it had been there and I hadn't noticed. Who knows why underwear was being tossed about on the stairs.

Underwear decor


I finished my Amy Butler Birdie Sling. It's much more stiff than I had expected, but that's better than it being really floppy. I used craft fuse interfacing and instead of the fusible fleece, I used some nonfusible I had already laying around, and used some quilt basting spray to hold it in place until I sewed it. As Amy Butler patterns go, this one was really quite easy.

(More eucalyptus!?)

Amy Butler Birdie Sling,Amy Butler


Marissa said...

That looks great in those colors. I like bags to be a bit stiff, it's easier to find stuff in there. So, do all your plants sprout undies, or just the eucalyptus? Have you checked the geraniums for thongs??

Cassie said...

The bag looks much better with the eucalyptus than the underwear...boys...what can you do...
Have a great week!!

MLE said...

Your birdie sling is fabulous! Not as fab as the underwear in the top photo though!! I love it...I don't have kids yet, but I have a 3-year-old nephew, so I totally get it!!

Robyn said...

MLE: I don't have kids either ... it was my dear husband!