Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Favorite Things, indeed

I once bookmarked this Web site and then forgot about it. The other day I was bored and found it. It's full of adorable patterns. I was unable to snag photos from the site to show you, though I would have only done that in the interest of getting them more business!

Check out this prairie dress. I'm the last person who would describe her style as "prairie chic." But I love this. Click on the lower picture. CUTE!

I bought this cape. I also never thought I'd prance about in a cape, but this is SO DARN CUTE. And I guess I don't have to actually prance.

The Hip Skirt and Smarty Pants also look great.

Speaking of "hip," I was looking on the Favorite Things Web site last night for local retailers and couldn't really find one (one seemed to be a Web only business based here, but I couldn't find those patterns). Then I got my monthly email newsletter from local Hip Stitch and it said they have Favorite Things patterns! I keep meaning to get in there and get some fabric for my Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag, but it seems like every single time I'm ready to stop in, it's Wednesday afternoon, the day Hip Stitch closes early. It's just not close, so I always try to fit it in to another errand.

Amy Butler Birdie Sling,pattern

Further down the line, I really want to make one of these Amy Butler tunics

Amy Butler
Amy Butler

And I got an e-mail from Amy Butler (not personally, I guess) introducing her new Sweet Life bags. I thought they would be sewing patterns, but apparently you can only by the finished products, which range up to $180. Not. Going. To. Happen. I am disappointed because I think Amy Butler fans are people who make their own stuff, and that's what Amy Butler has always been about. Now she tantalizes us with things we can't have. Boo.

I would have loved to make this many-zippered bag, the Hampton

Amy Butler Hampton

And the Sanibel is very cute, too

Amy Butler,Amy Butler

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HipStitch said...

Thanks for your link to us carrying patterns! I emailed Favorite Things and asked that they add us to their list of retailers, so we'll be on the site! We also have a good selection of Amy Butler patterns, too, so we hope to see you soon! Sorry about the Wed. hrs.....we hope soon to extend them, but w/just the 3 of us working now, and kids getting out of school early, it's harder to stay open later that day! Also, I think a suit for your friend out of the Apples & Pears fabric would be groovy - haha!