Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can I call in sick to stay home and sew?

I have way too many projects planned. Quick rundown:

1. My Cubic Rhythm quilt from Quilts and More magazine is in the quilting process. I wanted to try the feather pattern in the magazine, but I was lacking the skills. After picking out stitches for 45 minutes on my first attempt, I went with something simpler: Channel quilting mixed with stippling. The squares to either side will have the opposite with the stippling on the outside and the channel quilting on the inside.

Cubic Rhythm,quilting


I got my Favorite Things Prairie Girl dress pattern. It's cute to the 32nd power. And there's a version for a top. I bought this Amy Butler fabric from Hip Stitch. It's called Sweet Jasmine/Gray from the Daisy Chain collection.

Favorite Things,Amy Butler,Prairie Girl,Dresses


I've been trying to figure out a quilt for my guest bedroom. Last fall, I painted it the color of chocolate ice cream. I kinda wish I didn't, but I'm not willing to repaint any time soon. So I thought of going with the same blues and browns I have now.

home repair

I am considering the Triangle Tango quilt from Quilts and More magazine, shown here in bright, bright colors:

Triangle Tango,quilting

I had already picked up the All Cotton Blue fabric on sale at Hip Stitch and wasn't sure what I'd do with it. I'm thinking of pairing it with these others and making the quilt above.

Triangle Tango,quiltingTriangle Tango,quiltingTriangle Tango,quiltingTriangle Tango,quilting

All those colors would be the triangles, with the plain triangles in a khaki. Then the brown and white dots would be the small, inner border and the plain khaki for the outer border and backing. Any opinions? I'm not so sure that the third fabric would match. I have emailed the eBay seller to see if she will compare it to the others for me and give me her opinion.


I've finished my muslin on McCall's M5803 and I think I've got a good fit. Now I need to cut my Eiffel Tower fabric and get going on it. I'm going to make the matching skirt in some black I have laying around, but I'll add a few inches to make it more work appropriate.



PaisleyJade said...

Very cool projects and fabrics!!

Marissa said...

I am a fool for blue and brown combos (right now anyway. I am fickle about color and it can change without notice!), and I LOVE the color of the walls in your guest room!! I think that would love fantastic with that bright quilt (the yellows), but also with the pink quilt.
And I give my permission for you to stay home and sew!