Friday, July 25, 2008

Socks and paint

I finished my first pair of socks. They are quite ugly, thanks to the yarn I chose, but I was determined to see them through.

Here they are on my new, homemade sock blockers. You dampen the socks and let them dry on the blockers for optimum shape-age.

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I made these blockers with a $2 plastic place mat, saving myself a good $20-$30. I used the instructions found at Little Sesame Knits, but I was lazy and took shortcuts. Notice my cat is a running theme in these photos. She is everywhere it all times.
sock blockers

The other thing I did this weekend (my weekend, which does not coincide with everybody else's) was paint one of the spare bedrooms. It was really hard for several reasons, one of which is that painting is really hard. People act like it's fun, but there is not one fun thing about it. Another reason it was hard was because it was like 100% humidity the last few days here, and therefore the swamp coolers are rather ineffective. I'm not one to exaggerate, but I think it was hundreds of degrees in there. The final reason it was so hard is because it's a smallish room with BIG furniture. So it was kind of like a puzzle to move it a little this way and a little that way while I painted. Here is an example of the mess. In order for a small lady to move that big ol' bed, I had to take the mattress off.:


(another kitty)

In a few days, I'll present before and after pics! Stay tuned.

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