Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm a little older, a little flabbier

Here's a blast from the past -- one that my husband insisted I put on my blog. It's embarrassing, yes, but I will do it for the sake of giving you a chuckle.

Here's the deal: My mom was cleaning out some drawers of old stuff. And I mean old. She called to ask if I wanted any workout clothes. I said, "Do you mean like the thong leotards people wore in 1990?" Yes, that's what she meant. I went to get something from her and she hands me a bag of clothes that I might like, but won't let me look at them until later. That's when I found this lovely surprise -- a genuine 1980s workout outfit! She also threw in a splatter-paint bandana for good measure.

I look, well, not good in this outfit, but I might point out they are padded bike shorts. Yes, yes. These are padded everywhere, all over the thighs and everything, so really, none of that is me. I'm very, very slim underneath those extremely padded shorts. Seriously.


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T-shirt Face said...

Workin' out in style!!