Saturday, July 12, 2008

A novel idea!

I just had a crazy idea: what if -- get this -- I wore my glasses while driving?! What would happen? So I tried it. And I'll be damned if things weren't a whole lot clearer! I'm not sure why it hasn't ever crossed my mind to wear them when I'm not sitting at my desk, but I will try this more often.

On another note: I played golf yesterday. I hadn't had any desire to play golf in the past few years, but I was inspired after Mark (the golf editor at work and my husband) asked me to do a piece on women's golf fashion, which I've whined and moaned about at great lengths (the fashion, not the story). It was actually one of the things that made me feel very uninspired about golfing. I will show you my article after it runs, probably this Thursday, but the amazing outfits made me feel like maybe golf could be fun. I still had to go dressed as a doofus, because I don't actually have any of these amazing outfits, but inspiration is at hand...

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