Saturday, October 20, 2007

My craft show

I set up yesterday at a holiday arts and crafts show. It was held at an office building and had pretty steady browsers. I seemed to be the only dummy who didn't request two tables instead of one, even though it cost the same $15 to participate either way. But it worked out in my favor because I got a spot right by the door where everyone walked in and out. It was a spot too small for two tables.
Here's my setup:

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The event was held 8-5, which meant I had to get up when it was, gasp, DARK! What an awful, awful feeling. The first 5 hours I sold nothing. I got nice compliments, including someone telling me my stuff should be in a gallery, not at a craft sale. A very butch, crew-cutted lesbian said, "Hey, I'd buy a purse, but ... well, you know," as she pointed to herself. I laughed pretty hard at that.

Finally, a lady who had wandered by quite a bit earlier in the day and said she'd be back actually did come back and bought a $50 bag. Then another person bought a handbag as a gift and my friend bought a bag, too. I also ran into a woman selling in another room who I'd met before. She had said months ago that she'd order a diaper bag from me for her daughter. When she saw me, she went ahead and placed the order, so that's in the works. In the end, the long day was worth while.

I felt a bit discouraged as I saw people eating up the cheap holiday crafts. You know, they'll fork over dough for a silly pumpkin craft or santa stuffed with candy, but not for a well-made bag they can use over and over and that is actually practical. But I guess that's what holiday craft shows are about, and that's why I will not do many more live shows, but stick more to the Internet.

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