Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Missions accomplished

I'm tired of living in a dirty house. When I had an apartment, I cleaned it top to bottom every week. In a larger house, it's just too overwhelming.

Recently, my coworker said that she had a friend with 7 rooms in his house, so he cleaned one per day. It was easy to do, because they were cleaned so regularly. I started to wonder if I could accomplish and stick with this. I'm giving it a try:

Sunday: downstairs bath
Monday: spare room, sewing room
Tuesday: sweep and mop all hard floors
Wednesday: den and living room
Thursday: master bedroom
Friday: master bath
Saturday: upstairs guest bath

So far, it's working well. It's maybe 1/2 an hour of work a day, and the house is so much more pleasant. Mark doesn't think I'll keep it up, but we'll see. I'm afraid I'm jinxing myself by mentioning it here. Also, I realize nobody cares, but thanks for reading anyway.

Today I accomplished:
Tuesday cleaning, cleaned the kitchen, walked/ran for half an hour, worked on a top I'm making, updated the Duke City Renegades Web site, uploaded some items for consignment at Bagadoodle.com, which may take a while to actually be posted. All this before work! Granted, I go to work at 3 p.m. ...

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