Thursday, October 11, 2007

Damn Spam

I have long enjoyed a personal email without spam. Now I seem to be on some list and it makes me so angry, yet I don't think there's anything I can do about it.

It seems to have started when I requested a RN from the government. An RN is a registered identification number for textile manufacturers. It's unrequired by law, but it helps to track down a business. For instance, say you find a really amazing garment in a boutique somewhere and you want to find out more about the maker. You Google the name on the tag, but you get nothing. Well, not everyone has a Web presence. A RN (which is included in many garments) allows you to do an easy search. Well, I applied and received one, and ever since then I've been spammed.

This is like the time I got my business license and put my cell phone number on the application, not realizing the vultures that would hang around going through the new business apps. They are open records. Then they sold my personal cell number to a bunch of credit card companies who harassed me day after day. One person even started screaming at me when I said I wasn't interested. I also got a few calls like this after applying for the RN, even though I've added my cell phone to the "Do Not Call" list. Did you know you can do that? You can. And you should. Go here. I wish they had one for e-mail.

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