Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I got Madskillz

Did you know I used to dabble in modeling? I know what you're thinking -- but I wasn't a lingerie model or anything. I was an iPod model. You don't have to be pretty to do that. You can check me out here ... follow these steps:

Go to Madskillz.com.

Note the hand holding the menu on the left. It looks sort of deformed. That is my hand!

But wait! There's more. Now you have to choose to go to the Dark Side or the Light Side. Do I have to tell you which side I'm on? Light of course!

Next you have to choose to enter. Don't be afraid. We're the good guys.

Yep, that's me with bad bangs and at a very bad angle. Sorry I told you not to be afraid. It is scary. Note to photog: Don't shoot a not-so-tall-and-lanky woman from above.
Note to me: Forget the bangs. You look like a young boy.

This was also a chance for me to plug my friend Willie Jefferson's Web site and business, Madskillz. He refurbishes and sells iPods. He's also got cute kids and a sweet wife, so give them your business.

1 comment:

Mad Skillz said...

Whatever ... you know you looked great during that shoot. Would I put an unattractive lady on madskillz.com? Hell to the no! I won't lie - folks were dropping me e-mails, asking me about that hot woman with the Mad Skillz 99 tee on ... and I kept telling them she wasn't for sale or available. Did that stop those clowns? Nah ...