Monday, July 16, 2007

A Burst in Every Bite!

Over the past several days, I have revamped my Web site.

Burst of now features:
* an improved custom order page with instructions and lots o' fabrics
* a "styles" page that compares and describes different styles, along with their features, measurements and more.
* a new front page (photo will be swapped out with another as soon as my husband and I have a few minutes together where I'm not wearing PJs.)
* a separate "shop" page
* a new "about me" section, partially lifted from my blog.
* a few items moved to the sales section.

I've also raised my prices a touch. I've had to do this gradually because initially I barely covered my supplies. I didn't make anything for my time. Eventually, I realized that if I'm going to make a successful business, I need to actually earn something for my work. People would tell me that for one-of-a-kind, or few-of-a-kind, handcrafted items, people are willing to pay a little more than for something mass-produced and sold at Target because they understand the time and care and creativity that goes into it. I've had to learn to respect myself and my work and see value in it. I still cringe when I see bag sites where people charge $125 or more for a purse, and I think my prices are fair! I sure can't get rich off of them. The process is time-consuming and the supplies must be factored in.

That said, I like to give personal friends and family a discount, so let me know when you are interested in something so I can help you out a bit! You are the people who have really gotten things going for Burst of Happiness! Thank you!

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