Sunday, July 8, 2007

Crafters for Critters

Who doesn't love little furry cutie-pie critters? And whose heart isn't broken by all the animals sitting in shelters waiting to die?

This was in the Albuquerque Journal yesterday (sorry, bad job scanning):

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Man, they are hamming it up for the camera. They must know the following facts:
In Albuquerque since January 1, 3,358 kittens/cats have been adopted. BUT, 8,637 have been euthanized.
Dogs are a bit luckier: 5,194 have been put down, but 9,516 have been adopted.

Just when I was feeling down about this, I was browsing on Cheap Threads and read about

Crafters (still hate this term -- sounds like people at a bad church bazaar selling toaster cozies) can make things and donate them to the site. The site sells them and gives all the proceeds to various animal groups. It works in 6-month collection increments, and each time there are different specified animal charities.

Plus, if you're like me and all you care about is yourself, it's a little bit of pub for your business. You get a link on their links page and, who knows, the person who buys your item may love it and come buy more! They are out to support indie businesses. Like Burst of Happiness, since I'm on the topic.

I was thinking about donating this, because it has animals on it, but I'm not sure. I'm waiting to hear back from the site:

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T-shirt Face said...

One would think that Roady Jane would be an activist for orphan cats. But maybe she is jealous of cute baby cats...