Tuesday, July 3, 2007

By popular demand

I've been inundated with requests to see my linen closets. I used to be too embarrassed, but now I can swing open the closet doors and proclaim to the world that I have beautiful, organized linen closets (by the way, Mark didn't know we had linen closets. "What's that?" he asked when I told him to check out the newly organized "linen closets.")

All items are neatly labeled. No more confused Marks trying to figure out which are the cleaning rags and which are workout towels. I realize it's hard to read my mind. And this is a guy who organizes his albums, not by release date, not by alphabetical order, not by genre, but by when he bought them. So we are not exactly on the same organizational wavelength.

laundry room closet, for towels only (cat towels, rags, workout towels, Mark towels, matching towels for guest bath, bath sheets, oh, there are so many kinds):

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hall closet, for sheets, blankets and table cloths only:

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Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Your closets look just like mine with that shelving! Great job!