Monday, June 4, 2007

Who's a happy little Kenmore? Koochie coo!

I got my sewing machine three and a half years ago, not ever having sewed. As we all know, I took quite a liking to it. But I'm sure I have mistreated it in my ignorance on more than a few occasions. As a matter of fact, it's just today that I figured out that the reason my thread won't stay around this little screw is that it's not supposed to go there in the first place! No wonder! As for my machine, I have had some trouble with it, and found out that, like a car, it needs maintenance work from time to time. And lord knows I make that thing work for its room and board.

Problem is, everywhere I called wanted around $85 and you had to leave your machine for up to two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Without my sewing machine? Could I live? No.

So then I found At-Home Services. This guy comes and picks it up and drops it back off later! Or, he works right at your house. No two-week wait! And he's reasonably priced -- better than those other guys.

So this man, the caller ID says Douglas, but I'm a jerk who never remembers names and I regret that I forgot his name, comes to get my machine, and I'm thinking that he'll bring it back later in the week, which sounded great. But he says that he can actually do the work right then and there, for $60! And as I told him all my little problems (sewing machine related, of course), he knew all the answers.
Me: "Can you make the presser foot clamp down stronger? I'm having trouble with heavier fabrics."
Douglas: "Actually, your presser foot pressure is great. Your feed dogs are the problem. They have dropped slightly. I can fix that."

Me: "My bobbin stitches act up sometimes, and sometimes you can see where the machine became misthreaded and fix that. But often it just does it for no apparent reason and then goes back to normal."
Douglas: "You are using the wrong size of bobbins. They look close, but they don't fit in right and start flopping around."
Me: "My hero!"

See what I mean? At-Home Services is great!

Now I have a happily tuned machine with properly aligned feed dogs and proper bobbins! Douglas gave me new bobbins for just 25 cents each!

At-Home Services, here is your free commercial -- read by all three people who look at my blog!


T-shirt face said...

You probably got hold of some of that contaminated Chinese feed dog stuff.

Amy said...

is it bad if i want some new bobbins, and i don't even have a sewing machine?

Robyn said...

Wow! My lamest post got all these comments!