Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Business opportunity

A woman contacted me a few days ago saying she had come across my online shop (I think it was my shop. She liked this bag, but with fabric handles:

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She said, "I am a graphic designer working with a local nonprofit garden
sanctuary to develop a cloth bag they can sell in their gift shop."

She wanted to know if I could do 100 of them, possibly more. She wanted price info.

Unfortunately, I don't know if I could get more of that fabric. The place I got it says it's seasonal and each store just got a few yards. She's also looking at other options, and I told her that I realize that she can get a cheaper deal through a manufacturer. I am just one person who would be working round the clock to put out that many bags, and I can only do that for so cheap. I already make a cruddy hourly wage on my bags, when you break everything down. I quoted her at $7 an hour just to be able to reduce the price at all after supplies were taken into consideration (I told her I have a day job, and thank goodness!).

I don't have high hopes for it working out because I'm sure they'll find a cheaper place, but it was an exciting experience to be approached about it. I am sure that my mom, who is very supportive of my business, would help out with the cutting or maybe a little sewing in exchange for a share of meager wages. Heck, she'd probably volunteer her time, but I wouldn't want her to.

I'll keep you posted.

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