Friday, June 8, 2007

Remember Freecycle?

Remember Freecycle?

Here are some good posts:

Wanted: Really big or strange stuffed animals
I decorate my truck with stuffed animals. Don't need to be clean or
even complete. The weirder, larger and stranger, the better. I don't
suppose anybody has a goat toy, do they?

Offer: Frozen Foods
Unopened 2 banquet pot pies
Unopened small box szechuan vegetables

Opened - large bag pizza rolls. my kids did not care for them
Opened - large bag about 1/3 full of mixed peas, carrots, corn
Opened - box of hash browns from Trader Joes, again my kids didn't
like them

Maybe some other stuff as I am cleaning out the freezer.

Juan Tabo/Comanche area.

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