Sunday, June 24, 2007

My day at the market

Saturday, I participated in The Neighborhood Market in Downtown Albuquerque. I worked nonstop for a more than a month to make sure I had enough items. I guess I worked harder than necessary because I didn't sell a single thing. OK, I did sell something to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, but we all know those were pity sales, and while I sincerely appreciate them, I didn't get ANY other sales.

It was a real bummer, but I'm trying not to take it personally. I am confident that I make cute things. I also have a good variety of fabrics that could suit many tastes. So I don't think it's cuz I have horrible, crappy stuff. And other vendors, including my boothmate, didn't sell either.

At first, there was a steady stream -- not a crowd -- of people wandering through, but after midday, it just died to nearly nothing. It was sooooo hot. I guess that's why. Other vendors said it seemed it was a $20 and under crowd, and my stuff is mostly more than that.

One guy stopped by and gave me a card. He's a professional tailor and said my stuff is really well-made but that it would probably sell better in Santa Fe where people at markets spend more money. So that was a nice compliment to get from someone who sews professionally. I don't consider myself an amazing sewer because I've only sewn for three and a half years and I taught myself, but I am pretty good considering that, I suppose.

I am doing the market again in August because you have to do a minimum of two days. I guess I won't have as high of hopes for selling this time, and I will probably take fewer items. As you'll see below, my area was a bit crowded, and perhaps that's overwhelming. But I guess the hard part is that I have to take time off of work, so it really costs me when I don't sell something.

Now, I know that Susana, who has read my blog before and may read this, and her husband work really hard to promote this, so I am not knocking it. It's just young and getting started. They are doing a great job of trying to get things going, and the entertainment was great!

OK, so here are a few pics:

As a late nighter and late riser, sometimes when I get up early I am surprised at how lovely the world is. I got up at 6:45 thinking it would be cold and dark and snowy and evil out. But it was bright and warm and full of balloons!
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Me and my booth:
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Tamara and the booth:
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Close up of table:
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Close up of rack:
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See, in hindsight I can see how that rack kind of hid the table, and there was just way too much stuff. Too many colors and fabrics and items everywhere, and that can be overwhelming to buyers. I didn't see it that way until I looked at the photos.

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