Monday, February 8, 2010

The major concerns in life

I'm starting to have some sympathy for men with beer bellies.

I had trouble putting socks on today, and it took quite a bit of grunting and gasping to do it. It rather hurt, squishing my belly enough to reach my feet. I am wondering: do I need to hire someone to put my socks and shoes on for me in a few months? How will this work when it's really big? Does an actual beer belly not hurt when you bend because it's just, well, fat?

Most importantly: How in the world will I get pee samples at the OB visits when my belly is humongous? Don't they know how hard it is for women to give pee samples as it is?

And why are the cats' feet only capable of landing on my very sore boobs OR my uterus? There are lots of other parts to my body that are still perfectly normal.

The adventures never end, friends. But I must say that now that I feel so much better (not like this at all anymore), I am actually enjoying all the strange things happening to me. This includes feeling some little flutters and "pops" when the baby moves.


Katy said...

Nice to know someone is going through what i am - my new saying is "watch the boobs!) everyone bumps me - the cat jumps on - kids knock them when they are hugging me!

The whole - not reaching the feet thing - is the perfect excuse to go and get a pedicure!

I have decided to go to the beauty salon and get massages, pedicures and all that once a month - i figure i am saving so much money on Alcohol and cigarettes i deserve it!

Also - just thinking - how lucky we both are to have a healthy little baby in our bellies!

Amy said...

oh! it moves! oh, that makes my whole entire day. p.s. there is a lot of peeing on your own hand in your future. just so you know.

T-shirt Face said...

Once you get your socks on, leave them on until after the baby is born.

Babycakes Mommy said...

You will begin to dread dropping things on the floor. Just leave them there or sweep everything to the corner until the baby is born.

Amy said...

babycakes, i forgot all about that! so true, so true. i never spat as many F-words as i did when i dropped things in the last few months of pregnancy. said...

my thing was.... ouch! Don't touch the belly button!