Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're having ...

...a bouncy baby unicorn!


Not really, but I thought it was a creepy funny picture. Unicorns are mythical, after all.

That's actually part of the placenta that got picked up by the sound waves.

Mark: "Is the baby part unicorn?"
Doctor: "Do unicorns run in either of your families?"

Anyway, we're having a baby boy and he is developing beautifully. He has a nice, strong heart, and all of his organs look good. He has no "markers" for Down syndrome either.

The 3-D photos are very weird looking, if you've never seen one before. At the same time, whoa! you can really see this boy! I'll spare you the ultrasound pics that point out his peepee. In the picture above, it looks like he's looking at us, but his eyes are closed. It's just an illusion. The U/S actually looks at cross sections, so it may be seeing the eye underneath the eyelid. Weird, eh?

Here's a non-unicorn picture:


We were kind of hoping for a girl, and I swear that everybody I knew "felt" we were having a girl, so it was kind of a surprise when they said he was a boy. But I was also surprised by how tiny the twinge of disappointment was and how instantaneously it was swallowed up by a surge of happiness over my little son.

It really takes everything to a new level, like this little "it" baby is now more of a real person to me. And Mark got to see the ultrasound in progress for the first time, so it was amazing for him.

It was an emotional, overwhelming day, but in a good way. I kept bursting into tears -- yep, stoic ol' Robyn didn't have it together at all today. It was very hard going to straight to work after when I really needed some time to absorb the whole day. Such big news, and good news. I'm so thankful this baby appears healthy so far, especially when I see posts daily on by devastated mothers whose babies are suddenly dead or have terrible birth defects that may kill them.

I'll count my blessings any old way I can!


Marissa said...

So happy for you both! (And stop reading negative things. It's one thing to be empathetic...but focus on YOU right now. The end.)
A boy! In ten years you will forget what a tv remote even looks like!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your baby boy. I know that you two will be and are so blessed by this. So how soon are you going to introduce him to green chili? or do you prefer red?

Katy said...

AWESOME!! A boy! We aren't finding out and i worry i might be disappointed if it is a boy - but i reckon i will be so happy to have a healthy baby i won't be!

I love the 3D images - i have my next 3D scan next month and can't wait - i had a normal ultrasound yesterday but the baby was upside down and backtofront so didn't get a really good image.

DO you reckon there is a possibility that i will accidentally see the sex at the ultrasound? (i wouldn't mind!)- Was it really obvious it was a boy??

Amy said...

Awesome pictures, Robyn. Even though I told everyone I didn't care, I secretly hoped we'd have a boy. And when Sal told me it was a girl right after she popped out, just like you, that thought few right out of my head. Now I can't believe I ever wanted something other than this pink little girly baby! said...

so awesome.. and the photos are amazing.