Saturday, February 6, 2010


Tomorrow is my birthday! And so it's also the Super Bowl. Guess which one gets more attention?

That's OK. I have had lots of fun festivities so far. Yesterday, my husband took me to nearby Sandia Resort and Casino for a spa day, dinner and a night away.

We got an awesome suite

Sandia Resort, Albuquerque

With a huge bathroom

Sandia Resort, Albuquerque

And living room

Sandia Resort, Albuquerque

And, if you're from somewhere lush and have no appreciation for the desert, I say to you, have you looked out a window upon a vista like this?

Sandia Resort, Albuquerque

Granted, there's a golf course down there. And it's not green because it's winter.

And, at 17-almost-18-weeks, my belly is growing fast


And Mark's is shrinking as a result of his diet (over 20 pounds so far!)



Kris said...

Looks like a fun trip! Happy birthday!

Hip Stitch said...

Happy Birthday! You look blissfully and beautifully pregnant....will you please stop into Hip Stitch and say hello before the baby arrives? (and after, too, of course)

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday!
My parents used to go to that resort for holidays (they had nothing better to do since the rest of the family is back east). I also used to ride my bike out of ABQ on some highway type of road, past the resort and out into some other town. Descriptive, I realized. It was a long ride that went through lots of nothingness and some reservations (I think).

Enjoy the day! You so far look like a normal size person with a little bit of baby in there - keep it up. That dress you are wearing actually looks really good with your current figure.

Marissa said...

Happy Birthday!! You look great- leave it to you to look so stylin' at 18 weeks.
p.s. I would never leave that hotel room, or that bed. awesome.)

Sara said...

Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing comments on my blog. I look forward to getting caught up on yours today while I have planning period at school! You make an adorable 17 almost 18 month pregnant woman!

Amy said...

You look ridiculously cute. Happy birthday, Robyn!

Katy said...

Happy Birthday - Nice bump! said...

looks like a fun trip.... and you both look awesome.

Happy Birthday!