Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You don't want presents?

I have three takers on the post about getting free presents, which can be found here.

Anyone else interested? I can take two more people, and in return you would make the same offer to others. Visit that link above for more info or to participate.

And to those who already signed up, can you please email your address to me? There's a link to my email on the right side of my blog -- additionaljesus**at**gmail.com.


Kerry said...

Oh, I WANT presents...I just fear the reciprocation. I've currently got a backlog of 5 projects that I have agreed to sew for friends that are sitting here...waiting...not sure for what, exactly. I was inspired by your sewing room rearrangement and I recently acquired a new/old/used 1974 Kenmore in a cabinet (YAY! no more sewing at the dining room table). I had to talk the fiance into turning one of the spare bedrooms into a sewing room/office. The end result is I am sitting here right now in my sewing room/office and everything is so nice and neat and organized that my OCD won't let me take anything out to use it.

Maybe I can make people custom sewing kits out of recycled cat litter buckets and hummus containers.

will work for fabric said...

I want presents! The sad truth though is that I only have 3 followers on my blog, but I'll post it anyway and see what happens! Thanks!