Thursday, July 2, 2009

50% success rate

I've been on vacation this week, and I've done quite a bit of sewing. I have had several failures, and a few wins.

I made two items from Simplicity 2892.

Style C came out pretty cute. I used a fabric I had laying around for some time. I finally felt inspired, and I like the result.

Simplicity 2892

The only trouble I had was that the opening on the side bottom doesn't line up very well. One side is longer, but I don't think it's that noticeable.

Simplicity 2892

I also tried Style F on the pattern. Actually, I did Style D, which is the same as F but with a straight, loose bottom. Boy did my gathering come out crappy. For this top, I used a vintage sheet. The whole thing looked really bad, so I decided to add elastic to the bottom. This looked less bad but "less bad" does not equal "good."

Simplicity 2892

My husband said it looked like maternity wear, and he expects people to come up and congratulate him on an upcoming fatherhood if somebody sees me at the grocery store (No, I'm not pregnant). So it's not very flattering. I get it.

Simplicity 2892

Speaking of wearing it to the grocery store, I love when I make a garment and forget to take the marking pen off. I had written "B" for back just to keep things straight early on in the sewing, and walked around like that all day.


Finally, I made another List Taker for my friend's birthday. I used these fabrics I had bought swatches of. I didn't end up buying the fabrics, but wanted to use the cute swatches.

List Taker

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moongipsies said...

ok.. personally... I love the top. I don't think you look pregnant. I think you look comfortable.
I also really love the list taker book. Really cool fabrics.