Sunday, July 26, 2009

Allouette! Whatever that means. It could be the F-word for all I know

No, it's probably not the F-word in French because there is a spreadable cheese at the supermarket by that name. And is it ever delicious! On a warm baguette ... and fattening.

But cheese isn't the point of this post. Weirdness is. Remember the Kids in the Hall comedy troup? They were so weird. Just wonderfully, stunningly, hilariously weird. This skit randomly popped into my head just now, so I thought I would share it with you.

If you don't know the Kids, they may be an acquired taste. But it's almost as delicious of a taste as the Allouette cheese. (That just totally came full circle all clever-like, and I didn't plan it at all. It just flew forth from my fingers! Wow.)


amelie said...

alouette is ... a kind of bird ;o)

Robyn said...

Oh! Now I really have no idea what that song in the video is about. Thanks!.

Marissa said...

"I'm going to pinch my fingers together and squeeze your tiny little head...pop!" Remember that one?? My kids even do it, and they have no idea who the kids in the hall are. I thought I was much older than you- how do YOU know who they are??
OMG- did you ever see the one with the squirrel as a toupe? the best.

Robyn said...

Marissa, the squirrel toupe is my all-time fave. And when the "head crusher" goes to war with "face pincher," I could have died.

I don't know if I caught onto the Kids later in reruns or what. I started watching in the early to mid-90s, when I was a young adult.