Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A few patterns that I really want or may die without

1. The Uptown Coat from Favorite Things. You'll have to click to see, because you can't "borrow" their photos. I wish I could borrow, with credit, because I think it's good advertising for them.

2. Amy Butler's new Mini Dress/Tunic pattern.

pattern,Amy Butler

3. Amy Butler's new Field Bag pattern.

Amy Butler,pattern

4. Pretty Ditty's Honey Girl Sundress.

Pretty Ditty sundress


Kerry said...

Here's how to "borrow" photos that are protected:

Take a screen shot. On a Mac hit Control+Shift+4 and it will bring up a thing that looks like you're looking through a sniper's rifle scope. position it on any corner of the image and drag across into position. As soon as you are done dragging with the mouse/track pad you'll hear a snapshot sound. It will be saved on your desk top as Picture 1.

For a PC go here and read (I'm a Mac person)

MLE said...

I am really loving all of those patterns, especially the Amy Butler bag! I don't understand why people are so up-tight about borrowing pictures with credit!!

amelie said...

I really like the mini dress ! Been trying "not" to order it as i have so many patterns waiting to be dealt with right now ;o)