Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two little things

1. I have finally caved and typed the term "LOL." I hate the term, but then it began to pop into my head all the time and I'd type it in response to something, then delete it and type "ha ha ha." Which now seems even stupider.

2. Every time I see the word "denier," as in one who denies something, I don't understand what I'm looking at. My mind says DEN-yer. I have no idea why. And so I puzzle at it for a few moments trying to figure out what the heck a DEN-yer is. And this happens over and over again.


T-shirt Face said...

You see den-yer instead of deny-er because "den-yer" has something to do with textile threads per inch or the like, which a normal person wouldn't even know about.

Cassie said...

I fought LOL for a long time too. I don't like all the little acronyms. Now they are a part of my everyday lexicon, KWIM?

Amy said...

i was the same as you, and also caved. however, it's not nearly as grating as ROFL. which my eyes always see as "roffle."

i also mix LOL up a bit with my personal favorite version of the "ha," which is:


Amy said...

(p.s. that's mostly for when i'm making fun of people.)

Robyn said...

T-Shirt Face is right. That's where I got that pronunciation of "denier":

Denier—a measure of fiber density, and indirectly of yarn size. In the US, the word is pronounced “DEN-ee-er” or “DEN-yer.”

Thanks for reminding me. Now I feel less stupid.