Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh, I wish I had a picture

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to warn my husband about reading care labels on his clothes, and also sorting colors, before doing laundry. He keeps learning lessons the hard way, and today was yet another.

He's taking clothes out of the washer, and he holds up a sweater he has worn only once and exclaims, "Oh no! It shrunk!!!!"

I ask if he's thrown a wool sweater in the washing machine. He doesn't know. I look at the label: "100% Merino Wool."

I tell him that is why clothes have labels telling you how to clean them. He wails about how he's only worn it one time. He tears off his PJ top and tries desperately to put on the sweater. HIS HEAD WON'T EVEN FIT THROUGH THE NECK. It's stuck on his forehead.

I am laughing so hard. He is not. I want to take a picture, but I know he'll get mad. He asks if I can fix it. He always thinks I can fix things like that. I suggest he give it away to someone smaller. He says, "What, someone without a HEAD!?"

This is exactly why I have not knitted something for him. If he had done this to something I'd spent months working on, I'd have been forced to slay him right there in the hall.


Marissa said...

Aw, you couldn't have snuck a shot while his eyes were covered with the sweater? For the Christmas card next year?? This, by the way, is exactly why my sisters and nieces get SUPERWASH!

Kimm said...

This is too funny and very picturesque. Thanks for the funny story.