Saturday, March 7, 2009


I quit my second job. The one I was so excited about. The one where I was a patternmaker's assistant. I was exhausted and couldn't handle working seven days a week. I feel bad about it. I feel bad that I wasted her time and I feel bad that I gave up, but I need a quality of life, and that is that.


My Vogue 1086 dress is finally making progress. All the French seams and hand finishing of facings takes awhile, not to mention the mess I had with the V-neck. All is coming along now. I have to put the zipper in the side and then hem it and finish the armholes. I'm not sure I love the fabric, but I don't hate it either. It's kind of loud, but I love yellow and gray.



I have to quilt four place mats for my quilting class. I was doing the quilting on each differently to try different things. This one came out the best so far.
It's for my kitties to eat off of. It still needs the binding to be finished.



I undid the band on my Soldier's Sweater -- the one where the band was too tight and puckered up the sweater. I had to pick up way more stitches than I did. What a pain. But I have the stitches on and am reknitting the band. Hopefully I will be done with this one very soon. What a long and irritating project.


OK, so the economy is bad, right? But can't I still dream? I spent a while tonight drawing up (with some great difficulty, since I appear to be spacially challenged when it comes to drawing) a new sewing work area. Right now, my sewing area looks like this:

sewing room

To the left is a TV on a little table, a desk and a filing cabinet. To the right is a full wall of shelves housing thousands of record albums. A lot of stuff for a little room. I would like the guy who built those shelves to the right to come back and build me a corner sewing table with hutch. Maybe even extending out to house the computer, too. I will have to gradually work on my husband regarding this, but it would look so much better in there. Plus, the carpenter we used was very reasonably priced and did a great job. He also mentioned he built his wife a fancy sewing area, so maybe he comes with a little expertise!

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Marissa said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out. But, you've got to have balance. You've certainly been busy knitting and sewing! It's true- all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There's a reason he went nuts- he needed to knit!