Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stupidest ad campaign ever

(I have a lousy scanner)


"Celebrate Valentine's Day with the juicy citrus kids love"

What. The. Hell. Who came up with this? What do celebrating Valentine's and kids and miniature, easy-to-peel oranges have to do with each other? I understand the need to make your product seem relevant, but a bit of a ssstttttrrrrreeeeeettttccccchhhhhh. Now I shall use the coupons attached to this and buy some, but not to eat on Valentine's Day. If only I had kids to share them with ...


After I posted that, I found this coupon in my inbox. It was one of many for different places in my area, but this one I found rather funny for some reason. I wonder what the gift is. Perhaps something tasty to eat -- like chocolate pudding? -- while you watch them pump your sewage.


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