Friday, February 20, 2009

First day

My first day on the job as a patternmaker's assistant was awesome. She was really busy trying to make a deadline, so I tried not to require too much direction once she gave me something to work on. There was one part I sort of struggled with, but it involved ruching and a sort of bra top underneath and creating new notches and taking out excess bulk on the patterns, and it was confusing for me.

It was the ruching that threw it off, because that means the pattern is nowhere near the same size as the final piece, so lining it up for changes is not easy. I don't feel too bad about myself for getting confused, but I was upset that I made potential trouble for the patternmaker. I was really glad that she figured it out very quickly and thus did not lose time. She is extraordinarily nice.

When I left, I just thought, "Wow. I just got paid to sew and pin on a dressform and manipulate patterns, and it doesn't get better than that." Oh, and there's a big ol' dog that is just wonderful.


will work for fabric said...

%^&$!!!!! I'm SEW jealous!!!!!

Marissa said...

Good for you for landing this job. It sounds like a dream. You will undoubtedly learn so much! And then you can tell me how to fix my 'armpit darts'!!

Anja said...

yay for you. It's great to enjoy at work.