Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oopsie Poopsie Corn Chip Pie!

Did I ever mention my brother once wrote a wonderful short story called "Oopsie Poopsie Corn Chip Pie"? You probably don't want to know the story; I'm sure the title is enough to gross you out.

Did I ever mention I once wrote/starred in/directed/produced a short film called "The Poopy Murder"? I was 13. Are you seeing an interesting trend in our family?

Anyway, on to my Oopsie. It has to do with my first quilt. I was really confused about selecting fabrics, and I loved the original quilt in the pattern, so I basically tried to copy her color scheme to the best of my ability. Which is apparently not good at all. I seem to have not gotten any green borders, and I've ended up with way too many turquoise-y borders, some of which end up right next to each other. The green would go around the main animal print, and luckily I've only sewn 4 out of 12 of those squares (the rest are just laid out in this photo), so I think I'll try to redo it. I'm just amazed that I didn't notice it until this point in the project.






Anja said...

I think it is lovely.

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - absolutely love it!

T-shirt Face said...

Oopsie Poopsie Corn Chip Pie? Is that the zany story of a kid who ate frito pie at school and then went to a Halloween party where someone was dressed like a toilet? And then hilarious hijinks follow?

Robyn said...

Yes, T-Shirt Face. His name was "John." Oh! John and the toilet costume. I never noticed that before.