Friday, November 2, 2007

Spam: In a can or in my inbox, I hate it

I changed my email address not that long ago. I was giving up my ISP to go entirely through Qwest. It was going to cost me less and get me faster DSL. But I would have to use a Hotmail or Yahoo address, and I really didn't want to.

I wanted an email that sounded more professional and linked to my business. My brother hosts my Web site,, so he set me up an email on the server.

I think my old ISP had lots of spam filters. I never got one piece of spam in all the years I used Cybermesa. Actually, I did one day. One day it flooded in so fast that I literally couldn't delete them as fast as they were coming in. Apparently, one of their employees turned a spam filter off.

Now, it seems I'm on some spam lists. I have no idea who sold my information or who found it and put it on a list, of course, so there's nothing to be done. I can change me email address, but it's on all of my business cards. Even if I did, you have to use an email address as a login for everywhere you go online these days, and it could just happen again.

I'm especially concerned I will lose a sale because when you're weeding through dozens of spam emails every morning, it's easy for a real message to get lost and dumped in the trash.

Maybe next time I need to order business cards, I'll have to consider changing the email address. Maybe I will change it to

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