Thursday, November 1, 2007

Roady had a really bad day

Poor kitty. Lately a big, strong, young cat has been coming around our yard being a bully. There is a turf war, and he wants our yard. My cats are simply not OK with this. There have been some vicious fights, to say the least. The other day, I had to break up a fight between Suggs and Big Cat that looked like a cartoon with a ball of cats rolling around the yard and fur flying everywhere. Lots of fur. Suggs was really shaken up after that and wasn't herself the rest of the day.

I don't let my cats out on Halloween. I just don't trust people not to do weird things on that day. When I woke up, Roady was waiting anxiously outside my door and ran straight down to the back door. She had her head peeking out the blinds and was growling at Big Cat, who was on the wall. I opened the blinds and Suggs, Roady and I just stood there looking at Big Cat. He stared back, but looked a little unnerved, like we must be up to something. Roady is hysterical because he's touching her yard and she can't do anything about it. She howls and yowls for hours. I don't get any peace from her till I take out the vacuum because she's terrified of the vacuum. It's pretty bad when the din of the vacuum is what brings you peace.

She goes and eats her breakfast, then comes inside and vomits everywhere. Then she follows me to the garage while I run on the treadmill. She wants to go inside, but she stubbornly doesn't want to use the cat door to the house. I know she knows how because she does it all the time, but she doesn't like it. So she goes up to it, stares, turns and runs around the garage and then starts it all over.

At one point she hops on some boxes next to the treadmill. Then she jumps onto the treadmill while I'm running, falls over and gets thrown off and into the stationary bike. I have to get off to see if she's OK and give her a hug. After my workout, I find her upstairs on the bed, totally defeated.

Today, I let her out. She promptly reclaimed her territory, left the yard (much to my dismay), found the cat a yard over and gave him a piece of her mind. I don't think there was a fight, and she came home promptly.

I foresee some medical bills in my future for abscesses. I am not a bad person, I am just loathe to take from my pets the one thing they love most: their back yard. I'm really not sure what to do about this other cat, so if anyone has any advice (serious advice, T-Shirt Face), please comment.

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T-shirt Face said...

Google "keep cats out of yard" for lots of ideas. Most suggest cat repellents which spray water or use ultrasonic sound, which you would have to turn off when you let your cats out. But another suggestion is to spray a cat repellent along the top of the wall around your back yard.