Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Workin' out, gettin' skinny - I hope

My history: I used to be really skinny and could eat whatever I want. Not so much anymore, though I've still got a pretty good metabolism, all things considered. I also used to be a workout freak several years back. Then I had to plan a wedding and got hobbies and started a business, and working out just got pushed to the back burner. Then my butt/thighs got flabbier and my clothes got tighter.

I've been paying for a membership at a local gym for years, but I go through long periods without using it, so it hurts to see that money go down the drain.

Then I read about the Taylor Ranch Community Center in Albuquerque. It has all kinds of free facilities, including a workout room with pretty nice equipment. It's smallish, but there aren't a lot of people there. And did I mention it's FREE?! Well, you're paying for it with your taxes, anyway, so take advantage! It's new and nice and full of cute old people.

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So what are you waiting for, fat ass? I'll see you there.

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