Sunday, March 18, 2007

This is a perfect example of ...

... disaster.
This, friends, is phase I of my design class project. It will hopefully someday be a really cute shirtdress made of white and yellow striped seersucker. It will have a flared skirt and gathered cap sleeves. It will have a white cable-knit belt that I am working on right now. In my head, it is sooooooo cute.
Well, I drafted the patterns and did test #1 in muslin. I have no idea what happened to the skirt, but it's a good 4-6 inches too small. Back to the drawing board, on this one. And that is what muslin is for.

Here is the top half, so far. It's coming along nicely, though it may be hard to tell. It fits pretty well -- much better on me, actually. It's missing the collar and the button stand, which runs along the center, so that will make the two sides actually meet. I've stuck one sleeve on, and it looks nice. It will be shortened to be a cap sleeve and will have elastic at the bottom -- here it looks a bit Amish.

Now, if I could just lose 50 pounds, the skirt may not need alterations after all.

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