Friday, March 30, 2007

It's all downhill from here

In the post below, you'll see I got excited about how to fold a T-shirt. In this post, we'll observe my slow descent into Loserville. I definitely am a loser of sorts because I can never remember which hand to make the loser "L" with on my forehead so that the "L" will go the right direction. I have been told that makes me a loser in and of itself.

In this post, I get overly excited about an ironing board. But once you see the picture, perhaps you'll understand:
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Mark may get mad that I bought a new, not very cheap ironing board when we already had one that worked, but allow me to present my defense:
1. He doesn't iron. Ever.
2. I do.
3. Pressing is an essential and integral part of sewing. One must press constantly and between every step.
4. This ironing board is much wider than a normal ironing board, and since I do a lot of my pinning on the board, this allows me a greater work space.
5. This ironing board has a holder for the iron -- thus leaving me with more work space.
6. This board has a little bar that folds out to hang shirts, which comes in handy when I iron MARK'S shirts and have to walk each one to the bedroom to hang it as I go. For the record and in Mark's defense, he does pay me to iron his shirts. And I do complain more than necessary despite that.
7. This board has a shelf underneath on which to store my pressing ham and roll. Do you see how snug and comfy they are down there? I can also hang the spray bottle there.

Mark doesn't necessarily understand the importance of these factors, but I'm sure you do. And in all liklihood, he won't even notice that the ironing board is different.

UPDATE: Mark noticed the ironing board the very second he walked into the room. I was not in too much trouble. He appreciated the holder for the iron, at least.

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Rob said...

Um. Yeah! I agree completely. Sewing is a key part of pressing! Er... no, wait sewing is pressing but with... no, crap! Whatever you said. Yeah. I agree! :)