Monday, March 26, 2007

Same blog, different name

Burst of Happiness this, Burst of Happiness that. You may have noticed the name and url of this blog have changed. It's no longer Burst of Happiness the blog. It's now Roady Jane.

Here are some FAQ:

Why the change, Robyn?
Well, I just wanted something different. Burst of Happiness is my business, and I sometimes promote it on here and will continue to, but I have a main site, Burst of Happiness, and a Burst of Happiness etsy shop.

Who is Roady Jane?
Take a look to the left. She's my cat and I love her very much.

Is your other cat, Baby Suggs, jealous?
Maybe, but would you want a blog named "Baby Suggs"?

What are some synonyms for Roady?
Here you go:
1. Just a little thing
2. Little angel sent from heaven above
3. Peeker
4. Little precious
5. The tiny one

What does Roady have to do with Burst of Happiness?
Roady has bursts of happiness, and she kind of is the root of the term, invented by my husband.

Aren't you sort of copying Amy's Chickenbone Jones blog by naming it after your pet?

Where does the "Jane" come from?
Jane is her middle name. It's rarely used, mostly when she's in trouble. Her full name is Roadcat Jane Vines. Her new dad has yet to formally adopt her. For short I call her Roady. Many people think Roady is short for Roadkill. This is false. She was found in the road once upon a time but is clearly not roadkill.

What else can you tell us about Roady?
She is 14 and just got a checkup and is quite healthy.
She has a spot in her eye, but it just looks weird. It doesn't hurt.
She is the sweetest, friendliest cat you'll ever know, and she can convert even a cat hater.
She's a gray tabby like all the others on the outside, but on the inside, she's like no other.
She hates faces. Don't be offended, she hates mine too, and there are more hideous faces than mine.
She's always cold.


Anonymous said...

Isn't another synonym for Roady "The Evil Crapper"?

Amanda said...

Robyn, these are really funny!

Robyn said...

Dear Ryan,
I believe "The Evil Crapper" is what we called you growing up. Like when you sat on the toilet screaming for someone to wipe your butt.
your loving sister

Amy said...

Hey Robyn, thanks so much for copying me! It makes me feel like I have truly made it on the internet. I love all your blogs!