Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Looks like sky, feels like clouds

I know, I know. Clouds aren't REALLY cottony-soft. They are made of water and stuff. I know this because when I was 3, I went on an airplane (the regular kind) and rolled down the window and touched one. It felt cold and wet and my hand had condensation on it. Nobody believes me about this because normally you can't roll down airplane windows, but I swear it happened. Maybe it was different in the 1970s -- maybe they had to lock the windows for terrorism purposes.
Anyway, I made this scarf, and it's so damn soft. I could just rub it on my face all day and night, but I won't because I want to sell it. So click the picture for the link to my shop if you want to feel clouds but can't afford a plane ticket.
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Available at Burst of Happiness.

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